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Celebrating the WOW of Every Woman…even those no longer with us


Women of Worth (Online) Magazine
Our mission is to empower women into recognizing their self-worth value in their community and their self-controlling financial fingerprint.

Since our launch in 2011, we have featured 50 plus WOW Gals and since 2014 close to 20 WOW Gal Angels. NOW we want to, formally and in person, acknowledge BOTH with a 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Tribute.

WE ARE A SMALL BUSINESS WITH A BIG DESIRE TO INSPIRE WOMEN TO REACH AND SURPASS THEIR POTENTIAL! Our mission is to empower women into recognizing their true self-worth.

This Women of Worth (Online) Magazine goes out to 6000 women monthly. In just 5 years this grassroots online magazine has accelerated to a reach of 81,092 in social media exposure. Women of Worth (Online) Magazine celebrates a woman monthly whose personal story empowers others.

Event – WOW Gal Celebration – 5 Year Anniversary  (Next One June 2021)
Every 5 Years we want to honour the women in person who have bravely submitted their stories of overcoming tragedy and traumatic life situations.
We will do so by inviting them, their women friends & family and all potential story submitters to a celebratory event. Our 1st event was held at the Marriott Gateway, Niagara Falls, Ontario from June 3-5, 2016. At this same event we will be honouring WOW Gal Angels (a new feature in our online magazine). The people who have submitted a tribute to these women in spirit (who cannot attend themselves) will be given the opportunity to speak on their behalf.

A WOWOwW Gal FlowW Gal is an everyday woman who had experienced a learning, healing, empowering change of life through one or more traumas / growing pains. Through your recounting of your rebirth YOU can inspire, empower and even heal other women who may be going through a similar experience. Past WOW Gal Stories. Story Format for Reference. Submit YOUR Story.

A WOW Gal Angel Tribute is simply a heartfelt remembrance of a Mother, Sister, Friend, Mentor, Woman who you feel was a WOW Gal to YOU while alive. It can be a group of memories or a poem for and about them. It can be written by an individual or group including men. Past WOW Gal Angel Tributes. Tribute Format for Reference. Submit a Tribute.


(No Article/Infomercial Type Stories Please… We are looking  to share the journey…not just the happy ending)

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